Juniors show Exhaustion, not Enthusiasm, for the SAT

Justin Quirk, Staff Writer

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The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) was administered at Century on April 11 to all Junior students. The SAT fulfilled the graduation requirement and admission requirements for many colleges.

Confidence was not at a very high level for some students taking the SAT. Junior Charles Johnson spoke with sarcasm about his weakest part of the test, saying “Well, considering it’s a 2 hour test that determines whether or not I’m gonna live under a bridge for the rest of my life, I would say the entire thing.” Johnson was not excited for the test and was not looking forward to it in any way.

However, some student had a bit more confidence. Brian Zhu, also a junior, said “The math section is where I have most my confidence. The rest of the test is my least confident part of the test.”

Post-exam, Johnson thought the SAT “was easier than the PSAT.”

Zhu expressed the exhaustion that he felt after the test, saying “It was long and horrible.”

In 2017, over 6.7 million “excited” individuals took the SAT, according to the College Board.

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Juniors show Exhaustion, not Enthusiasm, for the SAT