Cheer Squad hosts Tryouts

Justin Quirk, Staff Writer

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Cheer tryouts took place on April 14-15 under the direction of Coach Megan Brockett. Many new members were accepted, and the tryouts were able to define a large part of the future of the cheerleaders that were accepted.

Isaac Deakin, a freshman who is the only male on the cheer team, was accepted after tryouts on April 14-15. Deakin expressed excitement for the camaraderie that accompanies being on the team, and discussed how much was involved in tryouts.

“There was a dance, a cheer, tumbling, and flexibility tests we had to do. I had modified versions because I’m male. It was less difficult and there was less competition, but it was still pretty difficult,” Deakin said.

He also elaborated about his experience with cheer so far.

“I like the cheer team, there’s good people there, it’s a good atmosphere, and I’m excited for the rest,” he said.

Deakin also had a few words of advice for people wanting to join in coming years, and encouraged them to “try your hardest to get yourself into the lifestyle, stretch every night, and make sure you’re ready.”

Anissa Fountain, sophomore, participated in tryouts but didn’t make it onto the cheer team.

Fountain said she tried out because “I love it. Getting turned away was terrible, I ended up crying about it even,” said Fountain.

Still having faith, she shared suggestions for new people joining.

“Try your hardest and be sure to be very considerate,” she said.

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Cheer Squad hosts Tryouts