Undebateable Success for Debate Team at Districts

Three featured students will be moving on to state

The Debate Team goofs off after their success at Districts

The Debate Team goofs off after their success at Districts

Justin Quirk

Justin Quirk

The Debate Team goofs off after their success at Districts

Justin Quirk, Staff Writer

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Century debate competed in the district debate competition on February 25th against other high schools in the Gem state district. We sent 16 of our debaters to districts, and 13 of them brought home medals in their category. 

The following debaters made it to the state competition: Joey Fica, a freshman Public Forum debater, Cameron Thompson, a junior Policy debater, and Elizabeth Delezene, a Congress Member.

Whether he’s simply a novice, one part of the TriJo duo, or the “Ficamaster 9000”, there’s no doubting Joey Fica’s skill in his Public Forum debates.

“I think I did well. I liked the Pofo (Public Forum) topic, so I think I did pretty well,” Fica said on his performance. “I took it slow, not perfect, but pretty good.”

“We went against a team that took 7th in state, which was hard. We didn’t beat them, but going against them was great,” Fica said.

Cameron and his Policy partner, Dylan Crosby, placed and went on to state, following suit with many of the other tournaments this season. He too expressed pride in his accomplishments and noted “the home advantage.”

“[We had] No travelling, no fees, and we could whoop Highland in peace, without having to go anywhere,” said Thompson. 

Thompson felt that his performance was “superb! I think we went 3-0, and we had a good time, not too crazy or competitive, so, I did good, and my partner D-Cros did great too,” Thompson said, referring to junior Dylan Crosby by her affectionate nickname.

Senior Elizabeth Delezene, a congressional speaker placed very high in her round, which is normal for her. Delezene felt that the best part of districts was, “the people, honestly. [I loved] Talking with people I’ve known for years and have become great friends with over these years.”

“I think I did fairly well, third place in my event,” said Delezene. “I’m definitely going to state, that’s doing really well in my eyes.”

This enthusiasm was expressed by all the debaters, all of them being excited about the debate before, and after, which some may say could have affected their performance. The debate team will be moving on to state. 



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Undebateable Success for Debate Team at Districts