Student Council hopes to Boost Dback Pride with Snake Tunnel

D'Laynee Staples, Staff Writer

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This year, Student Councils goal was to build more school spirit. Their next big idea to get the kids to have some pride in the school is a tunnel for the teams and students to run through.

“The new tunnel was designed to give us school spirit and in retrospect, it’s great. I think there might have been more things we could have done to bring in school spirit, but I support the tunnel because I support the school,” said Dante Henecke, a junior and ASB President for 2017-2018.

Miren Gabiola, the sophomore senator in student council described more details about what the tunnel was for and how they hope it is to be used and celebrated.   “The tunnel is for everyone. We were thinking about using it in assemblies a lot. We hope it can be for any Century event,” Gabiola said.

“We were also thinking that the tunnel would be commemorative. We were thinking the seniors could sign their names on the inside of the tunnel before they graduate and have that become a tradition,” Gabiola said. “The student councils main goal was to bring in more school pride and I think this tunnel is going to give us more school pride.”

Coleman Sandy, a freshman representative in student council, said “It’s a really cool idea. Mrs. Fleischmann brought up the idea to us before anyone else, and I thought it was great. The tunnel looks great and I’m excited to use it.”

“Smoke is suppose to like come out of the nose and the mouth using something like liquid nitrogen and hot water,” said Sandy. This is intended to add dramatic effect and to make sure Century had the “coolest tunnel to run through,” according to Sandy.

The tunnel was delivered this winter and is projected to be debuted when the weather is improved. Gabiola said that Meg Fleischmann, advisor, selected a  “special group of people that have been trained to set up the tunnel. They haven’t set up the tunnel yet but we are hoping to set it up soon.”

Student council will be revealing the tunnel April 21 at the monthly assembly. The tunnel isn’t named yet and the student council hopes that the school will help them name the tunnel. The tunnel is meant to bring school spirit, excitement and it’s suppose to make people want to join activities so they can run through the tunnel. The hope is that with the new freshman class coming in the pride that the students have in Century can get them excited for the next four years that they will spend at Century High School.

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Student Council hopes to Boost Dback Pride with Snake Tunnel