“Nation’s Ugliest Flag” Gets a New Look

Jonah Clark, Staff Writer

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Pocatello’s flag was rated the worst flag in the nation by the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA). It is also one of the first flags to come up when you google image search “Worst Flag.” That will no longer be the case because Pocatello is redesigning its flag. Starting February 26 you can vote to change Pocatello’s flag.

Because we were called out for having a horrible flag, the city put together a committee to create a new flag. Last year they accepted design submissions for new flags. According to the NAVA flags should follow five design rules. They should be simple, have meaningful symbolism, only use 2-3 basic colors, not have lettering or seals, and should be distinctive.

James DiSanza is a member of the flag design committee. “ [My job] is helping with public relations–getting the word out about the committee. I helped draft the presentation that other members of the committee are taking out to various community groups and I wrote an op/ed in the “Nation’s Ugliest Flag” Gets a New Look Johna Clark Staff Writer Page 3 Page 8 Page 6 paper. I’m encouraging design entries from my department at ISU,” said DiSanza.

He hopes that changing the flag of Pocatello will change the opinion of Pocatello.

“I hope it will change how people view Pocatello. Pocatello sometimes seems to have an inferiority complex when it compares itself to towns in Utah, Montana, and even to other towns in Idaho. I also think we can be a bit backward looking, at times. I’m hopeful that a flag focuses us on our aspirations as a community and encourages people to identify with and commit to those aspirations in an emotional way. I’m also hopeful that the conversations around design that the flag development creates will encourage us to use the language of design to examine our businesses, neighborhoods, parks, education system, etc,” said DiSanza.

“Perhaps, Pocatello can become a leader in the area of design, such that design, advertising, and engineering firms want to locate here because we are so forward thinking in our approach to government, business, and education. It’s a lot to ask of an ad hoc committee, but symbols can accomplish a lot if they’re good.”

Century High School freshman Kenny Brown saw Pocatello’s flag for the first time “when I searched it up online.” Brown likes the old flag because it reflects that “Pocatello is a mountainous region and the red lines remind me of railroads,” said Brown.

According to the North American Vexillological Association the words, and especially the trademark and copyright symbols are some of the worst aspects of our current flag.

There are many new suggestions for flags. You can view all of them at flag.pocatello.us/. The initial phase of voting will narrow down the 706 submissions. Voting for this phase ends when the final ten choices will be presented to the public for a final vote.

Freshman Ben Thomas felt that, “most of the submissions aren’t that great, but I would vote for one or two of them.”

What do you think of Pocatello’s flag? Go to flag.pocatello.us/ to submit your thoughts on the flag proposals. Our new flag will only represent us if we give them our feedback on what we want on it.

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“Nation’s Ugliest Flag” Gets a New Look