Grammy Awards congratulate 2016 Musicians

Madeline Lloyd, Staff Writer

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A Grammy Award is an honor awarded by The Recording Academy to recognize outstanding achievement in the mainly English-language music industry. The Grammy’s is also a way for artists to get the recognition they deserve and become more well known in the music industry. Among the many speeches given at the 2017 Grammy’s, here are a few of the people’s favorites.

The band Twenty One Pilots won a well deserved award for their song, Stressed Out, in the “best pop duo/group performance” catagory.” Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are the front liners of Twenty One Pilots, which is an American Musical Duo originating in Columbus, Ohio. They are alternative artists with songs ranging from rock to rap to pop influences, and hold two concurrent top ten singles in the U.S. The duo have been nominated for five Grammy Awards, and have won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Annajane Bates, a sophpmore, has been a dedicated Twenty One Pilots fan for quite some time now. She watched their speech at the Grammy’s and felt and happy for them.

“I really love the ingenuity of Tyler and Josh’s speech along with the way they inspire people to do anything. They are truly amazing leaders. I love them so much and I am very grateful for all they have done for me, and other people,” Bates said.

Another well deserving artist is Adele, who won record of the year, for “Hello”. Adele has won many awards over her career and is well known, but also very humble and kindhearted. Her speech at the Grammy’s spoke to this humility with an admiration for fellow artist, Beyonce. 

“Adele is an amazing singer and has an unbelievable amount of talent,” Piper Erchul, a freshman, said. “She really deserved the award she won and I still can’t get over how she professed her love and adoration for Beyonce and Beyonce crying.”

The annual Grammy Awards date back to 1959. This night is to recognize all of the musicians of our time. It is entertaining for many to watch, featuring performances this year from Beyonce, Metallica and Lady Gaga.

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Grammy Awards congratulate 2016 Musicians