Enjoy This Winter

Jonah Clark, Staff Writer

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Snow is the best part about living in the Bannock County area, besides the amazing people who live here. For the first time in forever we can enjoy winter in its fullest form with La Nina, the snowy bride of wintertime.

El Nino, the boy, and La Nina, the girl, are the titles of deviations from normal surface temperatures can have large-scale impacts on ocean processes and on also on global weather and climates. El Niño and La Niña patterns typically last nine to twelve months, but sometimes they may last for years. While their frequency can be quite irregular, El Niño and La Niña change about every two to seven years. Lately, El Niño has happened more often than La Niña.


Since La Nina has saved winter, the people of Bannock County can enjoy things we can only do during winter, like skiing and snowboarding at our very own Pebble Creek Ski Resort, or building a snowman, an igloo, or even a carving an ice sculpture. If you’re not into that you can go ice skating and elegantly carve wondrous shapes into the ice. Maybe snowball fights are your thing.

Remember that all of these wonderful things are thanks to the end of El Nino and La Nina taking up its place. So go outside and enjoy winter!

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Enjoy This Winter