Girls Soccer Strides to Take District Title and Move to State

Samantha Willis, Staff Writer

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Soccer is something that Century takes pride in. So far this season, the team has won fourteen times including their Oct. 12 win for the district title, while tying three times and losing twice.
Much of the credit goes to coach and teacher Jamshid Roomiany, as well as the experienced players on the team.
“We have a lot of solid players, which creates a sturdy formation and leaves no area on the field exposed,” senior Kaya Evans said.
“Although we lost a lot of good seniors at the end of last year, Century continues to be a formidable opponent,” Evans said.
Sophomore Lillie Casselman said, “I think if we work hard, we’ll be on track to being just as good as last year.”
“The positions left open by graduated seniors are creating new opportunities for the underclassmen,” Casselman said.
Junior Dayzee Carter said that one of the team’s strengths is how well the girls interact with one another.
“Although you can’t physically see it on the field, our comradery plays a big part in our success,” Carter said. “Working well with one another is the key to good soccer.”
Coach Jamshid Roomiany compliments the girls, saying that the team is beginning to meet expectations.
“We’re improving, fixing things up, getting ready for bigger games,” said Roomiany.
The bar is set high for the girls soccer team, but they appear to be optimistic about moving to state after their win against Preston for districts, 1-0.

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Girls Soccer Strides to Take District Title and Move to State