Keeping Up in the Off Season

D'Laynee Staples, Staff Writer

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It’s football season, the most widely-advertised American sport, and everyone is hyped up for the big wins. Football season translates to “off season” for later-year sports such as wrestling, baseball, softball and golf. Though they recieve less attention during the off season, it is important for those players to stay in condition as well.
Adam Ping, senior and state-champion Diamondback golfer explained his regimen for maintaining his golf game.
“I practice at the indoor facility, Par Five,” Ping said
Weight training is a requirement for players during the football season, and helps them maintain for the spring as well.
“Football is one way [to stay in shape], and I usually lift during the winter,” said Ping, who is number 43 on the varsity football team.
Cole Echohawk, senior, said “I play football, and I lift a lot during the off season.”
In addition to football, Echohawk runs on the Diamondback Track team in the spring.
Players find a way to stay fit and busy during their off seasons through practice and training in addition to their academic load. For some, this isn’t a reason to fret.
Kaya Evans, senior, said “I tend not to worry about maintaining fitness because I’m always maintaining my condition by playing soccer and other things.”
Evans is on the varsity soccer team and varsity track team, making her a two-season player like Ping and Echohawk.
They do come across difficulties, as Ping pointed out.
“Living in Idaho where it snows a lot makes it hard to practice summer sports. It’s really hard to get in the groove,” Ping said.
Preparations now are gearing up the players for a strong spring season.
“I think it will be enjoyable this year,” said Ping.

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Keeping Up in the Off Season