2016-2017 Staff

Stephanie Shelley

Staff Writer

Stephanie Shelley is a senior at Century High School, and is a member of the staff for the Snakeskin. Additionally, Stephanie is the captain of the ladies swim team. Stephanie plans to continue her education and swimming care...

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Joe Zamora

Staff Writer

Joe Zamora is a senior at Century High School. He is a staff writer for the Snakeskin. He is an avid gamer, though he would much rather be in the mountains camping. His favorite genres of music are rock and metal. His role mo...

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Bradley Ritterbush

Staff Writer

Bradley Ritterbush is a Senior at Century High school, and is a staff writer for the Snakeskin. His interests include reading and writing; his role model is J.K. Rowling. His favorite types of music is Death Metal/Heavy Meta...

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Jacob Ritterbush

Staff Writer

Jacob Ritterbush, senior, moved to Idaho in March of 2013. He is a staff writer and enjoys Broadcasting also. Jacob enjoys listening to music such as Underoath and Bring Me the Horizon, and likes playing video games. He plays ...

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Kami Burrup

Staff Writer

Kami Burrup was born in Pocatello, Idaho, and is a freshman. She joined the staff to become better at writing and designing skills on the computer. She likes the laidback teachers at school, and loves to play Basketball. She also enj...

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Alexa Richards

Staff Writer

Alexa Rain Richards is a sophomore and staff writer for the Snakeskin. Sheis the oldest of four siblings, and has moved around Pocatello quite a bit. Alexa enjoys listening to music and doing make-up. She is enrolled in Spanis...

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Brian Rasmussen

Staff Writer

Brian Rassmussen, sophomore, is a staff writer for the Snakeskin. Additionally, he is a member of the band and enjoys traveling, and spray paint art. He also considers himself a bit of a foodie and a lover of spring.

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Jonah Clark

Staff Writer

Jonah Clark enters the staff as a freshman who wants to improve his writing skills. He enjoys taking fun classes, traveling to destinations such as Utah, Arizona, California and the East coast. Jonah wants to continue his education...

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Kris DeRouen

Online Editor

Kris DeRouen is a coffee-drinking Senior at Century High School and a Co-Editor for The Snakeskin. She is presently taking 3 AP classes including Government, Literature and Calculus. Kris is a martial arts instructor for Southwick B...

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Ashleigh Koch

Staff Writer

Ashleigh Koch, Freshman, joins The Snakeskin staff from Alameda Middle School as a Business Manager alongside D’Laynee Staples. In addition to being on the newspaper staff, Ashleigh is a trumpet player in the Marching Band a...

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D’laynee Staples

Staff Writer

D’laynee Staples is a Freshman student attending Century high school. She is a Staff Writer for The Snakeskin in her Journalism class. Other classes that D’laynee is taking are Geometry, US History, Drama, and Teen Living. D...

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Paige Morris

Staff Writer

Paige Morris, Freshman, joined newspaper because she wanted to improve her writing in a Staff Writer position. She in interested in pursuing a career as a Veterinarian. She likes playing volleyball, singing, swimming and watching ...

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